Everything can be done differently...
even this!

If we spend most of our time comunicating with employees and stakeholders, how much time do we then spend on making this contact more efficient? Get down to making your communication more effective!

The world is changing rapidly on a daily basis; which of course demands reciprocal changes in your organisation. Start now by preparing for this together with your employees; something guaranteed to stimulate your employees' engagement. Employee commitment is key in every organisation. Your organisation and your people are worth the investment; indeed more than worth it.

We do not believe there is such a thing as an ideal coaching method. Any ideal approach would need to be as varied as each of the individuals being coached. MartijnNas.com therefore works with manifold methods, selecting with care what works for your organisation and for your employee. Using the proper mix, talent, facility and motivation naturally float to the surface. Your invaluable capital is your committed employees who enjoy their work.

“Know what motivates you and that you can reach for it; everyone is motivated by something"


training2Motivational interviewing for managers training
MartijnNas.com has developed a training course, programmed over six months, aimed at leaders who wish to promote their employees' commitment. As well as a two day training course in a small group, you will also benefit from five once a month, personal 1-on-1 Skype talks, lasting one and a half hours. In just six months you will have acquired a solid base for achieving lasting results.

Jim Zilverberg, Consultant at KPN Consulting:
“The training was sparkling, challenging and educational, from the first to the very last minute. Martijn manages to create a climate of trust, in which tasks become fun. And the cherry on the cake are the Skype sessions he conducts with you, in which you discuss coaching interviews and questions. The entire course takes place in an atmosphere where honest, positive feedback is given. I really learned a great deal from the course, and I wish others the same happy experience.”

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coaching.fwExecutive coaching
As a departure point, coaching assumes you are responsible for your own development. We enjoy facilitating this personal development, whilst uncovering what it is that you really want and from there moving on to reveal the future. The coach will support and supervise the manager in his development. He will facilitate and create the appropriate conditions, help trace patterns and obstacles, assisting with clearing the way and looking toward what can actually be achieved.
You will become more effective and enjoy your work more, will learn to communicate better and work on your personal development. Now who could find fault with that?

Marije Verbeek, Consultant People in Change at KPN Consulting:
“Martijn is a highly committed trainer and coach. There’s definitely a twinkle in his eye when he’s confronted with extremely complex issues: what a great challenge! He uses a lot of humour when helping people to gain an insight into themselves. He also doesn't shy away from confrontation. His approach is to address 'what helps other people best'. And what I find really exceptional is that he never misses a thing: his antennae are highly tuned to picking up the messages between the lines.”

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keynote.fwMartijn has ample skill at getting both large and small groups moving. His approach as a professional athlete, together with wide experience as an entrepreneur, make it possible for him to transfer a theoretic framework into practical, useful tools for your company; something your people can start working with immediately.

Here a example of three Keynotes:

  1. PEP Talk, the key to true success
  2. Everything can be done differently, even this!
  3. The art of motivation

Kitty van Mierlo, Manager partners and networks, NCD (the Dutch Association of Board Members and Supervisory Board Members):
“Martijn led an 'inspiration session' for the NCD's district chairmen. The reactions were universally positive! We’re all looking forward to welcoming you back again, Martijn.”

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Who is Martijn Nas?

martijnnas.fwFrom professional ice skater with ‘Holiday on Ice’ to guest speaker, trainer and coach; to describe Martijn Nas’s experience as wide is something of an understatement. However, the common thread binding his career is the combined muscle of effort and determination. He has gently enhanced his career with a fair dose of PEP: Passion, Energy and Persistence. All this has delivered Martijn to where he is now and underpins what he provides for his clients.
By understanding what makes people tick, Martijn knows how to touch someone. He enthuses and motivates by using, albeit in a light manner, many anecdotal examples culled from the daily practice in his long career. Absolute key to this process is thinking in terms of opportunities. Considering the possible always ensures an active solution is sought, ensures that things will get moving again.

His working method is characterised by astonishing energy, interaction and the continuous activation of the discussion partner. Thinking outside the box has become his maxim.
Martijn has trained in neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and motivational interviewing (MI), both in the Netherlands and abroad. He has studied among other places at the University of California, NLP's birth place. The combination of NLP and MVG makes Martijn much in demand as trainer, both nationally and internationally.

Hanneke van den Elzen, national sales manager for Abbvie Pharmaceuticals:
“Martijn is decisive, pro-active and infectiously enthusiastic. He's also very involved with the people around him, nurtured by sincere interest. Due to his open approach and good humoured attitude, Martijn is a pleasure to work with. He has integrity, demonstrates a professional attitude and is focused on continuous development; something which he also applies to himself. He makes sure he keeps renewing himself.”

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Renate Elfrink

renate elfrinkMaster Organisational Coach and co-developer of the training motivational interviewing for managers.

As trainer, facilitator and organisational coach, Renate concentrates on linking company operations with primary processes, to ensure these work in tandem to strengthen and complement each other.

In doing this, she pays particular attention to making the various perspectives that inhabit an organisation work in harmony.

Key concepts to her approach are accessibility, sharpness, creativity, stimulating humour and continuous reflection upon the effects of the choices made within your organisation.

Renate is a much sought after talent in MartijnNas.com:

  • Organisational coach
  • Executive coach
  • Motivational interviewing for managers (co-)trainer

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Heleen van Elburg

heleen van elburg webSenior Managerial Consultant and co-developer of the motivational interviewing training geared towards local councils.

As senior managerial consultant and executive coach, Heleen has worked mostly with various local councils over the last decade.

Her personal experience, including international business environments, make her a specialist in coaching complex cultural changes geared to client centred services.

For Heleen it is all about people and processes, with the aim of embedding a lasting development. Clients praise her enthusiasm and her transparent, people focused approach.

Heleen is a much sought after talent in MartijnNas.com:

  • Executive coach
  • Services consultant
  • Motivational interviewing within local councils (co-)trainer

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