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Why: “Make the world a bit brighter than it is today!” the mission of Martijn Nas. What: We revolutionize the way organizations work so they unlock their teams’ full potential, so that people will have more P.E.P. in their work life balance. How: By combining LSP with all agile methodologies, motivational interviewing, and neuro-linguistic programming one creates a powerful approach to teamwork and innovation.  In short, by combining LSP, agile methodologies, motivational interviewing, and neuro-linguistic programming, organizations can revolutionize the way they work and unlock peoples’ and teams’ full potential. It’s time to take action and embrace the change of working and in the meantime build a better (and more agile) world.

What others say

I had the pleasure of participating in a course which Martijn ran for us as WOSM Consultant Training. Martijn ran an excellent experiential course where he explained the theory of how we think and behave and what drives us. (...) Martijn is a brilliant Coach and Trainer providing excellent facilitation and helped us through our learning journey.
Amir Cheema
MBE Group Programme Manager at Amey


"You know what, Martijn? I was thinking of you during a teambuiklding activity. We were sitting at a campfire and at a certain moment I was hit by a spark. You are just like that spark, you touch people and you get them to moveas the campfire did with me."
I've had the great pleasure of working with Martijn on several projects and found him to be exceedingly talented and highly engaging. It brings to bear a strong and varied skill set with a true desire to help his clients. His enthusiasm is contagious and he always delivers a superb product. He is a true professional and a gentleman and always asked great value to his clients.
John Spence
Global Business Expert & Executive Coach

What we offer

The recipe for 100% PEP =

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How can you be congruent, agile, demonstrate adaptability and show that you embrace change? This has to be done with PASSION! As the leader, you are the torch bearer of change. Without this torch bearer, you’re just muddling along.

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Each cultural change requires reprogramming of the people in the organisation. Reprogramming can easily be achieved with LSP. Influencing the capital of your organisation with new ENERGY, and providing this energy yourself.

Figure skating
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You don’t just become a Dutch national champion It requires PERSISTENCE, it requires special mental toughness. I don’t just show this mental toughness, but I also transfer it to others. “Nobody has ever jumped higher by setting the bar lower!” Martijn Nas

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