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2023-10-02 LSP facilitator training with Michel Cloosterman

oktober 2, 2023 @ 09:00 - oktober 5, 2023 @ 18:00


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator training
specially for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a process-oriented method that was designed for strategy and vision development, team building. But we see that for an agile way of working it enhances entrepreneurship, autonomy and innovation. Therefore this method is super effective at all levels that you as Scrummaster or agile coach work with. Like the organizational-, team-, and individual levels. By bringing together Scrum teams, or key stakeholders and fostering dialogue through building. You will make sure you get new solutions to existing problems.


The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method contributes to enhanced collaboration among all team members, it creates a positive dynamic, it offers powerful new insights, and it brings more joy. Building improvements and navigating change gain more substance, leading to renewed energy and a future-oriented outlook is standard and it is all itterative and a common (new) language.


This method was developed by the Association of Master Trainers during the time when the founding fathers were part of the LEGO Company. Martijn Nas is working together with Bricks and Business that is a partner of the Association, providing 4-day LSP training in Europe. 


Why LEGO SERIOUS PLAY? – 10 reasons to engage in it:


  1. 100% PARTICIPATION – The structured approach of the LSP method ensures that everyone in a Scrum or agile team actively participates in your future workshop.


  1. BUILDING TRUST – All team members have ample time to reflect during the building process and to share their own stories.


  1. NEW INSIGHTS – Imagen that all people in your group will generate new solutions and inspire each other to come up with original ideas, offering a fresh perspective and innovative approaches. You have all Scrum and agile values in one workshop.


  1. AUTHENTICITY FIRST – It is challenging to bypass reality and present a skewed version when using LSP. The method encourages honesty and authenticity and a slide bit of bravery.


  1. CREATES A COMMON LANGUAGE – People from all over your company may assign different meanings to concepts or situations. Their LSP models and visualizations help develop a shared language and a common frame of reference without the need for debate or persuasion. That is true collaboration as was meant in agile.


  1. UNDERSTANDING COMPLEXITY – each of your participants is working with models that clarifies, concretizes, and simplifies connections and relationships between components. If that happens you have a true understanding of what your people are talking about.


  1. ENSURES ALIGNMENT – The combination of the LSP method with you as a skilled facilitator allows everyone’s core values to be incorporated into the chosen solutions.


  1. MEMORABLE RESULTS – It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The three-dimensional LSP models, combined with visual techniques, facilitate easy retention of insights in our memory, making your workshops even more impactful and long-lasting.


  1. TIME SAVING – Feedback, surveys, and interviews after LSP workshops consistently reveal that participants experienced accelerated trust-building and consensus formation at two to three times the speed of other traditional methods for group decision-making or strategy development. How much added value would that bring to your organization?


  1. The ‘added value’ LSP has brought to the table – During the discussion of the built models, your participants ignore the ‘politically correct’ answers and therefore a meaningful dialogue starts. A dialogue that has no ego’s, a dialogue that feels just like playing and a dialogue where participants are more open to see how with small iterations, they can add value. That is what we call; focused on value and intrinsic motivation. 


What results can you achieve with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method in your organization?

How would that help in your added value to the organization?


You want to gain more insight into solutions for complex and challenging issues that currently lack clear answers. 

You want to encourage your teams to think beyond their own boundaries and make interconnections visible.

You want to explore multiple options, scenarios, and solutions that enable informed decision-making.

You want to foster engagement and involvement in the process, change, and solution direction.

You want to facilitate open, honest, and collaborative communication with the people you coach or help as Scrum master.


oktober 2, 2023 @ 09:00
oktober 5, 2023 @ 18:00


Martijn Nas
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