Early summer promotion!

Are you an Agile coach or a Scrum Master and you are looking for new stuff that will help you unlock the full potential of your team?

Here’s an exciting opportunity for you and your colleagues to dive into the world of:


Our interactive 90-minute introduction workshop,
That is facilitated by experienced LSP facilitator Martijn Nas.
In 90 min you and your team or competence can explore the power of LEGO as a different tool for communication, collaboration and problem-solving within your agile teams.
People ask me often, what about posit notes are they still good any more? They are but you don’t eat every day Mc Donalds as well right!
We offer sessions of 90 min, each session accommodating up to 10 participants.

And the best part? We’ll send you the LEGO materials you need for the workshop right to your doorstep!

MartijnNas is already scheduled to visit 9 countries upcoming year, so you might just be in luck that he is in your neck of the woods!

This workshop can be conducted online or in-person on site (based on availability in your location).

What are the takeaways:
🔹 Discover how LSP can enhance team dynamics and unleash creativity.
🔹 Uncover hidden insights and solutions through hands-on building activities.
🔹 Foster open dialogue and strengthen collaboration within your team or guild or competence and learn how you guys can use your bricks directly.

LSP workshop for agile teams

€299 250
  • The full experience of the potential of LSP
  • Your own LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® set
  • For teams up to 10 participants
  • LEGO kits, are 7,50 per participant
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