Martijn Nas

Upcoming Events

2023-09-21 NLP & LSP workshop

Together with Sergio Hernandez Ledward I will host this unique workshop where we share our thoughts on how to combine NLP with LSP.

2023-09-25 Leadershiptraining CGDIS

For several years and multiple times a year we head for Luxemburg to teach the men and women of the ambulance- and firedepartment (CGDIS) about the modern way of leadership.


2023-09-28 NLP & LSP Finland

This time Sergio Hernandez Ledward and I wil teach our signature workshop in Helsinki Finland.

2023-10-02 LSP facilitator training with Michel Cloosterman

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator training specially for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters   LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a process-oriented method that was designed for strategy and vision development, team building. …

2023-10-02 LSP facilitator training with Michel Cloosterman Lees meer »

2023-10-07 Training in Billund

I will do some extra training in LSP to learn about the latest.

2023-11-08 LEGO® Serious Play® North American Community Meeting

Held once again in Southern California, USA, Azusa Pacific University‘s School Of Business and Management.

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